Would you support a lease pause (extension)?

Would you support a law: “For each month of the COVID-19 crisis, small businesses that lost more than 25% revenue have the option to pause (extend) their lease or mortgage?”

413 Oregonians were polled: 61% support and 16% oppose.

If you and your business would endorse, that’d be helpful.

Endorsements include (all categories are welcome):

  • Small Business Advocacy:
    • Joy Church, Executive Director, Venture Portland
    • Katy Connors, Founding Member and Main Organizer, Portland Independent Restaurant Alliance (PIRA)
    • Main Street Alliance
  • Political, Nonprofits, and People:
    • Sarah Iannarone, Portland Mayoral Candidate
    • Gregory McKelvey, Campaign Manager, Friends of Sarah for Portland
    • Our Revolution Oregon
    • Our Revolution PDX
    • 350PDX
    • Julia DeGraw, nonprofit and political consultant
    • Margot Black, housing activist
    • James Ofsink, civic advocate
  • Self-Care:
    • Amanda Furbee, The Herb Shoppe LLC (Mississippi)
    • Meagen Alm-Lunan, MAbodywork, LLC (Montavilla)
    • Michael Edera, Gardenworks Inc. (SE)
  • Arts, Culture, Bars and Nightlife:
    • Lani Jo Leigh, Clinton Street Theater, LLC (Clinton)
    • Jaydra Perfetti and Noah Grunzweig, PDX Contra Remix (St Johns)
    • Viola Parker, Sub Rosa PDX (SE)
    • Sanctuary Lounge (Pearl)
    • Shake Bar PDX (Chinatown)
    • Candy (Pearl)
  • Food and Beverage:
    • Vino Veritas Wine Bar + Bottle Shop (Montavilla)
    • Victoria Swink, Welcome to Jam Rock: Taste of Jamaica (Montavilla)
  • Coworking:
    • Alex Linsker, Collective Agency (Montavilla, Division, Downtown)
    • Alex Hillman, Indy Hall (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Jamie Russo, Everything Coworking (Burlingame, CA)
    • Jerome Chang, Blankspaces (Santa Monica, Culver City, Long Beach, CA)

We’ll soon start a letter-writing campaign. We’re an alliance called Small in this Together, or Small Together. If you have questions, here’s the FAQ.